The key question for this session is: Am I telling my deepest story? We’ll discuss how to tell whether the answer is yes or no. If your answer is “yes," we’ll discuss how to begin bringing your story to life with vivid details. If “no,” we’ll discuss when (and how) to cut losses and begin again.

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Video Guide

0:00 - Introduction
0:32 - Details
1:53 - The "I Shot My Brother" Example Essay
9:07 - The "Dead Bird" Example Essay
13:59 - Four Qualities of an Amazing Essay
20:50 - Five Ways to Bring Your College Essay to Life
22:38 - 1. Begin with a problem that must be solved
26:01 - 2. Show, then tell
35:14 - 3. Use geeky language
41:44 - 4. Use the right details
47:13 - 5. Aim for an ending that surprising, but inevitable
50:15 - When to Scrap What You Have and Start Over
53:57 - What to Do if You've Got Your Topic But Are Unsure of Your Structure
58:22 - Homework

Resources Referenced in this Session

Essay Analysis: "I Shot My Brother"
Essay Analysis: "Dead Bird"
Book: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
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