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"I have attended MANY, MANY, MANY NACAC & College Board & IACAC Conferences (both large and small) and your webinar was as good as anything that I have seen or heard. Yes, I am someone's grandmother so I really have been around that long. 

Your generosity of spirit comes through loud and clear . . . what a wonderful quality when working with teens.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Melanie (who would be most happy to run for President of your fan club)"

– Melanie Coffman
Coffman Educational Consulting

"I want to tell you why this presentation (and I heard it once at the WACAC conference and once on the HECA webinar) changed my practice. I am one of those learners that is always striving for the big picture context, but also would rather not reinvent the wheel if it already exists, particularly if it's a really well crafted wheel with durability, as yours is. 

Your presentation really made the personal statement strategy fit together for me. I had been somewhat painfully moving towards your grid of montage vs story line (and I mean really slowly). But after I heard your talk last summer, I started using the grid to help my clients find an approach and the process became much clearer. I also found I could show them (not tell them) how to enrich the plot of their personal statements by using the movie plot examples. So for them, personal statement meetings are more of a set of a light bulb moments. We both seemed to enjoy the process a lot more."

– Kate Newman
Independent College Admissions Adviser

"Thanks again for the most worthwhile essay seminar I've attended in 30 years! "

– Joan Jacobs
Educational Consultant 

"I have been helping students with the college application process since 1999, so I have a lot of experience working with students on their essays and I believe I have read pretty much every book written about college essay writing. I have also attended a number of webinars, so I didn't think I would miss much by being late today, but I was wrong! Immediately, it became apparent that I had missed a wealth of information."

– Kim R. Roman, MSW
Custom College Planning, LLC

"I had the good fortune to attend your HECA webinar yesterday and I want to thank you personally for what was a truly extraordinary session (and I speak as someone who has attended many webinars over the years!)

Your ideas and energy were contagious, and the generosity of spirit with which you so openly share your ideas is even more impressive."

– Susan Smith
Starbound Partners LLC

"Your approach is brilliant!"

– Stephanie Adkins
Independent College Consultant