Using the Secrets of Screenwriting to Write Your Personal Statement

In the first half of this session, I’ll lead you through the two best brainstorming exercises ever, then introduce you to two possible structures: narrative and montage. In the second half, we’ll analyze two example essays and develop a deeper understanding of how story structure works.


How to Outline Your Personal Statement in One Hour

In this session we’ll begin by “Naming the DVD chapters” of the essay and learn four different ways to outline an essay. In short, this is when we begin to interpret and organize all the content generated in the brainstorming exercises.


Analysis of Four Amazing Essays

Get an inside look at four personal statements written by some of my star students. And there's one for each essay type: A, B, C, and D.


How to Give and Receive Feedback & How to Refine Your Outline Before the Second Draft

In this session you'll learn techniques for connecting quickly and deeply with the person you’re working with on the essay, how to create a safe space, and how to provide feedback that is kind, useful and actionable. Then I’ll demonstrate how to help someone refine an outline before writing a second draft (or how to do this on your own).


Bringing the Essay to Life (or) When to Scrap What You Have and Start Over

The key question for this session is: Am I telling my deepest story? We’ll discuss how to tell whether the answer is yes or no. For the “yes” students, we’ll discuss techniques to bring the story to life with vivid details. For the “no” students, we’ll discuss when (and how) to cut losses and begin again.


How to Write the Four Types of Essays

Here's a step-by-step process for writing each of the four types. For those who are having trouble finding the arc of your personal statements and want a little more structure, this is exactly what you've been waiting for.


Advanced Screenwriting Secrets & Three of My Favorite Essays Ever

Seven techniques that can be used to improve most any essay, illustrated through three of my very favorites.