“Ethan’s warm personal focus and positive attitude laid the foundation for a personally motivating and enriching journey. His creative resources, communication skills and unique ability to build an authentic rapport with his audience are among his many gifts. I felt like I was his only student! I came away from the experience with a new sense of confidence as both a counselor and essay mentor. He exceeded my expectations.”


“The webinar has not just taught me about writing personal statements. It taught me about who I am. From my life to my aspirations, this webinar series brought out details about me that I didn't even know about myself.”

DAISHI TANAKA, Class of 2018

“Working with you these past few days, I reflected on my life way more than I have in a lifetime. When you started drawing out what was in our hearts, I realized that you carry a type of aura that brings out new sides of people. You are the greatest teacher I have ever met and being taught by you was so amazing. I cannot thank you enough.”

Kevin Kim, Class of 2018


For the first time in my eight years of college counseling, I feel like I am beginning to get a handle on how to assist my students with the essay writing process. This has been a weakness of mine and I am extremely grateful to be given tools that I can both relate to and apply with my students. I will listen to Ethan present every time I am given the opportunity – he is that good!!!”