“What a gift you are to students and counselors! Thank you, Ethan, for "letting us in" to your thoughtful, deeply personal and inspiring world of writing the college essay. I now have a framework—and meaningful methods—to practice and share with rising seniors. I am grateful for you, your approach—and your craftsmanship. I've done a lot of webinars, and this was the best so far.”

–Jann Russell, Counselor

“Dear Ethan: Thank you for such a wonderful presentation at the HECA Conference. I am so glad I finally had the opportunity to attend one of your workshops. Your generosity and enthusiasm for your work is beyond expectations. Your humble spirit shines clear. I am so excited to get back to my students and use your exercises. What a blessing you are.”

–Belinda Wilkerson, Counselor


“The best workshop I’ve been to in
35 years in the profession.”

– B. Goleman, Independent Counselor


“My favorite part was the brainstorming. The emotions, the images, the reflections. It was surreal experiencing something so spiritual in what I thought would be another enrichment course. The most useful part of the webinar was learning how to format what I wanted to say to the admission officers into a coherent essay. Translating what was in my life into paper, and the memories into words that can clearly play a movie in the reader's head was very useful.” 

–Daishi Tanaka, Student

“Ethan's webinar series was extremely helpful and informative for private college counselors (like me) who are trying to help their students brainstorm and determine the most interesting story to tell.  Ethan gave numerous techniques, exercises,and examples to use with students engaging in the college essay writing process.  He is truly a gifted presenter and an amazing counselor!  I would highly recommend his webinar series to ALL counselors working in a private or school setting!”

–Jennifer Kresock, Counselor


"YOU ARE AWESOME! The kids won’t
stop talking about your workshop."

– Amy Sisson, Temple City High School Counselor


“I never knew you could learn so much from a webinar. Before this, I had no clue what I was doing for my personal statement. After this, I've learned so many strategies, outlines, and tips to help me.  In fact, I've come to appreciate this process. Ethan has helped me see this as a therapeutic process of analyzing my journey through high school and life.”

–Athena, Student

“You provided me with the most useful advice I've received in this entire whirlwind process of college admissions. You helped me harness all these intangible ideas in my head and put them on paper. In a business that usually takes a very professional and impersonal approach, you, instead, make writing a college essay very much an intimate and self-reflecting process, which will not only help me with my application but really in the whole life business itself.”

–Elsa, Student



"Seriously, I loved all of it. The webinar was
organized, relevant and purposeful . . . Ethan,
you are so completely thorough; I love that!"

–Sunita, Counselor