Want your entire application reviewed?

Here's how it works.


1. You complete a draft of your main Common App essay, Activities List, Additional Information section, and supplemental essays for one school as well as a few brainstorming activities to ensure you've selected the best possible topic.
2. You send these to us on one giant document.
3. My amazing essay specialist Josh (see below) will send you back the entire document with notes on everything you've provided.


1. You do everything in the one-time review.
2. You go into your laboratory and complete revisions on all of your essays based on Josh's feedback.
3. Send us your revised essays again.
4. Josh works his magic and sends you another round of notes.



What kind of feedback will I get?

You'll get detailed, high-quality feedback on a few points:

  1. Did I choose the best possible topic for my essay? Might there be another topic I should consider writing about?
  2. Is my structure sound and doing my topic justice? If not, how might I revise my essay?
  3. Are the details helping my essay stand out?
  4. Is my Activities List successfully demonstrating my contributions and impact?
  5. Is my Additional Info section giving the proper context to my academic career, extracurricular involvement, and personal life?


Who's this Josh guy?


  Joshua Stephens Princeton University (BA)   Harvard University (MA)  Works with students via Skype, then email and Google Docs.

Joshua Stephens
Princeton University (BA)

Harvard University (MA)
Works with students via Skype, then email and Google Docs.



Josh is a longtime teacher, college counselor, and journalist who counsels students on college applications and consults with education companies on international outreach. Josh is the former Director of International development for ArborBridge, a Los Angeles-based tutoring firm that prepares students around the world for the SAT and ACT. Specializing in the teaching of nonfiction writing and personal essays, Josh previously served as Lead Editor for Application Boot Camp and, before that, taught at the Archer School in Los Angeles. Josh’s students have gained admission to the most selective colleges in the United States, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale, and they have gone to countless other fantastic colleges that don't always grab headlines. Josh writes on cities and urban planning, primarily as contributing editor to the California Planning & Development Report. Josh studied urban planning at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Princeton University.


How do I get feedback on my essays?
You'll get highly detailed notes on your essay via GoogleDocs.

Where have your students been accepted? 
All the Ivies, as well as many other amazing schools. It's important to note that our services are advisory in nature and we can't (of course) guarantee admission to a highly selective school. But we can put together the best application and essays to demonstrate your gifts, skills and values.

Do you write essays for students? 
No, we don't. The feedback you get will be geared towards helping you ensure that.

What if I (student) am not a good writer?
The process may take a bit longer. That’s okay with us.

What advice do you have as I begin the process?
We highly recommend developing a balanced college list. Most students, for example, fixate on 1 or 2 highly selective (usually Ivy-League) schools, but we find the students who are most happy with the process are those who helped develop a wide range (usually nine schools) with around 3 reach, 3 maybe, and 3 likely.

Do you help students develop college lists?
We do! We work with an extremely experienced college list specialist and the fee for this service is included in the rates above.

Can I see some essays from past students? 
In terms of sample essays, here are the essays written by the four students at the top of the 2015-2016 Acceptances and Testimonials page.

Can my son/daughter meet Ethan to make sure they will get along?
Absolutely. I (Ethan) am available for 15-min get-to-know-you Skype calls with those serious about working together one-on-one. You can email me directly at: [email protected]