Why I Work on a Sliding Scale (FAQ)

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Q: Why do you work on a sliding scale, Ethan?

A: Because I believe that all students deserve access to quality college application resources and advice. And because not everyone can afford to work with me one-on-one.

Q: Why, how much do you charge?

A: It depends on how busy I am and what you’re looking for help with.

Q: Can you just like give me an estimate?

A: Send an email and let me know what you’d like help with: assistant@collegeessayguy.com

Based on how busy I am I’ll send you a rate.

Q: Do you work with anyone who asks for your help?

I do. I may not be able to devote 8 hrs of one-on-one help, but I’m always available to answer questions, offer advice, and point you to resources. Heck, that’s why I created the free resources in the first place. :-)

Q: Under what circumstances will you not work with a student?

A: If I’m too busy.

Q: What if I really really need your help but I have like no money?

A: Check out all the free resources on my site.

Q: No, I mean what if I really really need your ONE-ON-ONE help but I have like no money?

A: I don’t believe that someone with a computer and internet access has zero money. You can probably scrape together $20. So make me an offer. Then write me a 250-word essay on why that amount is the right amount for you to spend. (See what I’m doing here?)

Q: What if I just want you to look at my essay like one time and give me your thoughts but I have like no money?

A: Again, I don’t believe that if you’re reading this you have zero money. Like I said, make me an offer. And then send me that 250-word essay.

Q: What if I want to skip writing the 250-word essay and I just want to pay you?

A: That totally works too. Email assistant@collegeessayguy.com

Still not sure? Got questions?

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