Let’s build a better counseling community.

College Essay Guy's mission is to make higher education more accessible to students everywhere.

In 2019, our goals are to provide:

  • 250 low-income students one-on-one help by pairing them with rad counselors

  • 1,000 low-income students with workshops on college essays, admissions, and financial aid

  • 10,000 students access to our online courses on college essays and the college application

Through our Matchlighters Program, we've found that matching counselors to students on a one-to-one basis is an effective way of having an impact on hundreds of students a year.

But with a 482-to-1 student to counselor ratio, we believe that partnering volunteer counselors with schools can help thousands of students.

Counselor Match connects high Schools, CBOs, and non-profit organizations with experienced counselors to offer college application workshops and assistance.

Launched in 2019, Counselor Match harnesses the power of the counselor community to increase equity in the college admissions process. This common goal provides a bridge, connecting counselors who need help with other counselors who are able to give it. . We’re all working toward the same outcomes;let’s do it together!

And by the way this is totally not one of those situations where we’re giving you a well-intentioned volunteer you have to manage and who ends up being more trouble than they’re worth.

Ready to join us? Fill out our intake form at the link that fits you.

Schools, CBO’s, and Non-profits

IEC’s, Counselors, or College Admissions Reps

Want to learn more? Email us matchlighters@collegeessayguy.com to set up a 15-minute chat with our Program Director, Erika


Meet Erika, your
Matchlighters Scholarship Director:

- Former school based Academic and College Counselor
-11 years of experience in admissions at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business
-San Francisco Education Fund board member