Promote access and equity in 2019.

We are thrilled that you are joining our Counselor Match program. Welcome to our team!  This program, launched in 2019, harnesses the power of the counselor community to increase equity in the college admissions process. This common goal provides a bridge, connecting independent educational consultants with our school-based peers. We are all working toward the same outcomes, so let’s do it together!

We offer training materials to hold several types of workshops:  

  • College Essay Workshop

  • Financial Aid Workshop

  • College Night Speaker

  • Workshop on the Common Application

  • Workshop on A Specific Regional Application (UC, Cal State, UT, etc.)

  • Mock Admissions Interviews

We also help you offer:

  • Online College Essay Writing Workshop from An Out-of-Area Counselor

  • Online College List Development Workshop from An Out-of-Area Counselor

  • College List Development Workshop

  • Multi-Day Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I (Ethan)  start this program?  

Because I believe in increasing college access and equity. And because ten years ago I partnered with a counselor at a charter school to offer free college essay workshops. Their counselor focused on list development and I focused on essays. The result in our first year was the school’s first POSSE winner. The next year we had two more, plus a Gates Millenium Scholarship Winner, also the school’s first, and a huge range of acceptances. Our partnership flourished, and the partnership was a huge success. We believe this model can work globally.

How do I know if I qualify?  

If you are a working IEC with knowledge of the US application process, then you qualify. We take newcomers with college counseling certificates or seasoned veterans! We do ask that you commit to responding to your emails within 48 hours, that you meet your school or organization consistently and that you can feasibly offer your school at least one workshop (~10 hours of preparation and action)

What if I’ve never led a workshop before?

College Essay Guy will hook you up with all the training materials you need to hold a life-changing college essay workshop. You’ll get access to the entire suite of essay writing and workshop courses for counselors.

What does the application require?

You need to complete this application form — plan to spend 30 minutes or so doing it. You’ll receive an email with instructions for finding your match.

When will I be connected with my match?

Depending on the location of the schools who have signed up, it may take between a few days or up to a month. After we connect you and your school, You’re free to arrange your workshop! (consider giving yourself time to learn the College Essay Guy workshop materials if you plan on using them)

Do I have to have a specific area of counseling expertise to volunteer?

Nope! However, in your interest form we’ll ask you if you have any experience with any of the following groups:

  • International students

  • Undocumented/DACA students

  • Student-athletes

  • Student-artists

  • Transfer students

  • Students with disabilities

  • LGBTQ+ students

  • Gap-year students

  • General graduate school applicants

  • MBA program applicants

  • Medical school applicants

  • Law school applicants

  • Community college applicants

  • Military/armed forces applicants

  • Trade school applicants

How do we meet with our school?

We will match you over email, but you can set up phone calls, web chats, etc. Choose a method or combination of methods that work for you both! If you happen to live near each other, you can also meet in person for coffee and conversation.

What resources will be available to me as a volunteer counselor?

You’ll receive access to any and all of Ethan’s essay-related courses* — for free! All you need to do is review the courses, pick out the ones you’d like, and send an email to either or asking for access. Voila!

*We’re unable to grant access to College Essay Essentials, Ethan’s book, as we don’t yet have it in PDF form. If you’re willing to invest a little, you can find the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble for a cool $10.

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