This lesson covers... the other elements of the Common Application besides the main personal statement.
By the end you should... have everything you need to write a great Common Application.
Below I’ve included links to the best and most helpful resources I’ve ever created for helping students do an awesome job on the Common App.
  • How to Write Your Common App Activities List - This section is so vitally important to your application that I’ve put at the top. How do you cram four years of extracurricular involvement into ten 150-character blanks? (That’s like one sentence for each activity.) I’m glad you asked.
  • How to Write the Common App Additional Information Section - This is maybe the most underused space on the Common App. It's your chance to explain any interruptions in your studies, that C you got Freshman year, or that activity that was so important you can’t possibly cram it into 150 characters. But don’t go crazy here. Admissions officers don’t want word vomit. Read on for more.
  • How to Write Your Resume - It starts with this question: Do I even need one? This post helps you decide whether or not to include one in your application and how to go about making a great resume using your Common App activities list.
  • College Interviews: Do they matter? (Part I) - I give you some perspective here on a part of the application that many students stress about. (Spoiler alert: You don’t need to stress.)
  • College Interviews: How to Prepare (Part II) - But does that mean you shouldn’t prepare? Of course not. Here’s how to nail it.

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