This lesson covers... how to answer a few of the supplemental essays required by most highly-selective schools.
By the end you should... have a better sense of how much work remains for the rest of your college application process.
Time 3 minutes
College Essay Essentials paperback: pages 14-19     |     ebook: pages 15-20
I’ve included links to some of my most helpful and popular guides on writing the supplemental essays. These are also available on the student version of the guide.

Not much for counselors to do here except point them out and send students on their way.

How to Write a “Why Us?” Essay - This is the most commonly asked supplemental essay question and, if you’re applying to college, you’ll probably need to write it. This three-part guide will put you on the right path.

How to Decide Which Activity to Write About - You’re in five clubs, you’ve taken six service trips, and you volunteer for nine different organizations. How do you decide what extracurricular activity to write about? This post will help you decide.

Six Techniques for Writing Your 150-word Extracurricular Essay - This essay used to be a Common App requirement, now it’s required by only some schools (Harvard, Stanford, etc.). But get this: the techniques I describe in this post can also apply to longer extracurricular essays. 

How to Write the Stanford Roommate Essay - It’s Stanford’s most popular and (arguably) most difficult to write essay. Read this post for an analysis of a great example, plus an exercise for you to brainstorm for your own essay.

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