In the first half of this session, I’ll lead you through the two best brainstorming exercises ever, then introduce you to two possible structures: narrative and montage. In the second half, we’ll analyze four different types of essays and develop a deeper understanding of how story structure works.

Before you watch: Click here to download PDF Resource 1.1


Video Guide

0:00 - Intro
0:40 - About Me
5:52 - The Four Types of Essays
6:39 - The Objects Exercise
20:22 - The Values Exercise
26:20 - Narrative Structure (Hollywood Film Structure)
29:26 - Example: Toy Story Structure Breakdown
32:35 - Example: Finding Nemo Structure Breakdown
37:14 - Student Example: Type A Essay Analysis
42:20 - Montage Structure
46:58 - Student Example: Type B Essay Analysis
56:26 - Homework

Resources Referenced in this Session

The Objects Exercise Guide
The Values Exercise Guide
Narrative Structure Guide
A Essay Analysis: "With Debate"
Montage Structure Guide
B Essay Analysis: "Endodontics"