This session is for students working with a partner on their personal statement. In it, you'll learn how to connect quickly and deeply, how to create a safe space and how to provide feedback that is kind, useful and actionable. Then I’ll demonstrate how to help someone refine an outline before writing the second draft.

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Video Guide

0:00 - Intro
3:55 - Four Conversation Starters That Are Better Than "How are you?"
4:18 - Celebrations
6:50 - If You Really Knew Me
8:17 - Gratitude Exchange
9:30 - Check-in
11:53 - My Core Counseling Values
23:29 - How to Work With a Student Who Comes in with Nothing
33:46 - How to Work With a Student Who Comes in with Something
43:34 - If You Feel the Essay Isn't Revealing Much About the Student
49:42 - How to Revise the First Draft
1:00:16 - How to Receive Feedback
1:01:31 - Homework

Resources Referenced in this Session

My Core Counseling Values
Guide: Five Steps to Revising the First Draft