In this session we’ll begin by “Naming the DVD chapters” of the essay and learn four different ways to outline an essay. In short, this is when we begin to interpret and organize all the content generated in the brainstorming exercises.

Before you watch: Click here to download PDF Resource 2.1


Video Guide

0:00 - Intro
1:09 - Deciding on the Big Chunks
2:25 - Examples for Types A, B, C & D
7:37 - Creating a Timeline
19:14 - The 21 Details Exercise
23:09 - The Stuff You Should Know About Me List
25:10 - How to Use the Values List
32:25 - Finding a Framing Device
37:48 - What to do After You Have Outline 1.0
39:10 - Option 1: Name the DVD Chapters
40:39 - Option 2: Create Outline 2.0
43:39 - The Focused Objects Exercise
50:33 - How to Outline Any Essay in Just a Few Minutes
55:13 - Why You Should Throw Out Everything You Think You Know
58:49 - Homework

Resources Referenced in this Session

YouTube: How to Write Your College Essay if You've Experience Significant Challenges
My 21 Details Exercise
Amazon: Do What You Are
How to Write your College Essay in One Night
My Core Counseling Values