This lesson covers... the second best brainstorming exercise I’ve ever found, useful for identifying both your core values and your aspirations.
By the end you should... have all the material you need to write a great personal statement.
Time 5 minutes
College Essay Essentials paperback: pages 8-12     |     ebook: pages 6-11



Exercise: Select the 10 values you connect with most. Of those 10, choose 5. Then your top 3. Write them down somewhere. Then go to the next step.

o community
o inspiration  
o money
o intellectual status
o financial gain
o laughter
o serenity
o physical challenge
o responsibility
o competition
o career
o fame
o working with others
o freedom
o security
o strength
o self-control
o hunger
o personal development
o trust
o faith
o involvement
o adventure
o vulnerability
o adaptability
o friendship
o excellence
o job tranquility
o power
o passion
o cooperation
o affection
o wisdom

o self expression
o stability
o art
o autonomy
o risk
o balance
o self-discipline
o courage
o family
o empathy
o working alone
o humility
o efficiency
o intensity
o health and fitness
o meaningful work
o my country
o music
o truth
o resourcefulness
o respect
o bravery
o communication
o change and variety
o compassion
o nature
o expertise
o order
o privacy
o close relationships
o religion
o knowledge
o growth

o challenges
o commitment
o leadership
o helping others
o influence
o wit
o success
o patience
o listening
o diversity
o love
o fast-paced work
o nutrition
o competence
o practicality
o creativity
o excitement
o collaboration
o social change
o beauty
o ecological awareness
o quality relationships
o travel
o decisiveness
o curiosity
o spirituality
o loyalty
o honesty
o independence
o supervising others
o recognition
o accountability
o democracy