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3.2 - TAKE THE “How to Write A Personal Statement” COURSE

Need help writing your personal statement?

Take my “How to Write a Personal Statement” Video Course!

In 7 video lessons with accompanying Q&A sessions, you'll brainstorm essay ideas, analyze essays that work, discover which essay type fits you, then outline, complete, and revise an essay that truly tells your story.

You'll learn everything you need to know to write your personal statement during 12 hours of video lessons with me, Ethan Sawyer (a.k.a the College Essay Guy).

Who's this for? Students, Parents, and Counselors! Students will write a draft of their entire Common App; Counselors and Parents will receive all the resources needed to guide a student through the process.

Lesson 1. How to Find Your Essay Topic
Lesson 2. How to Write Each of the Four Essay Types + Ethan Workshops Essay Topics
Lesson 3. The Great College Essay Test + Ethan Workshops First Drafts
Lesson 4. Writing day + Working with partners [Optional Lesson: How to Lead the First Session]
Lesson 5. How to Revise Your Essay in 5 Steps + Ethan Workshops Essays
Lesson 6. Bringing Your Essay to Life OR When to Scrap What You Have and Start Over
Lesson 7. Ethan Workshops Essays
Lesson 8. Celebrating Your Work & Looking Ahead