Applying to college is confusing for parents as well.

That's why I’ve compiled the best resources available for the parents of students applying to college.


"Dear Mr Sawyer,

Your way of doing business is completely different from the industry you are part of, and while you do it for personal standards, I do hope your clients and prospects notice. Thank you so much for working with Anushi and helping her think at a different level and also thinking structurally. She tells me that this approach has helped her in writing assignments for school as well. We are hoping she can start at Rice and be successful at making the best of the incredible opportunity it represents. It has been our pleasure to know you. I was blown away by your refreshing approach and the elements of it."

-Deepak and Seema (2017)


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Greatest Hits for Parents

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1. Essay Workshop in a Box A step-by-step guide to efficiently writing a compelling personal statement. Includes brainstorming exercises, structures to choose from, and tips for revising your college essay.
2. How to Figure Out Which School Is Right for You This podcast episode, featuring one of the best college list development experts around, will teach you to support your student in choosing the college that best fits their needs and goals.
3. Which Schools Are the Most Generous With Financial Aid? (US Version) College is expensive. But this podcast will point you to a resource to help you take (more) control of the financial part of the process.
4. Free College Application Tools That Students (and Counselors!) Should Know About) Over two dozen resources covering everything from how to find a major to how to help students find their strengths
5. Demonstrated Interest: How to Build Authentic Relationships with Colleges (and Why It's a Good Idea) Colleges are tracking how much interest you're paying them. Should you care? Maybe. This post will help you decide.
6. 5 Resources That Will Save You $3,480 Hiring professional college admissions help is expensive, but you can do most of the work of researching colleges yourself. Find out how by reading this guide.
7. How Your Parents Can Help You Write Your College Essay Learn the healthiest ways to support your student through the essay-writing process (and when to step back).
8. My Pay-What-You-Can Online Courses Get the most out of the limited word count of the Activities List by following my guide for translating the hundreds of hours you've spent on projects and activities into your Common App.
9. The College Essay Guy Podcast Bringing more easy, purpose and (hopefully) joy to the college admissions process by interviewing some of the best in our field.

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The reality of your daughter’s college application from the dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College: “Had she been a male applicant, there would have been little, if any, hesitation to admit. The reality is that because young men are rarer, they're more valued applicants.”
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A College Admission Tutor’s Confessions: Wealthy New York Parent Madness: “My students were almost all thoughtful and diligent, but their parents had fallen into a terrible trap, having raised their children to reach for the stars without teaching them how to so much as stretch out an arm.”
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WE are not applying.
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Video Course: How to Answer the New UC Application Prompts

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