You'll brainstorm essay ideas, analyze example essays that work, discover which type of essay fits you, then outline, complete, and revise an essay that truly tells your story.



Read forty example activities list descriptions and dozens of inspiring example essays that do an awesome job.



Complete activities in the workbook to help you brainstorm topics and outline essays for the most commonly asked supplemental essay questions.



You'll cover the most common essay topics required by hundreds of colleges, including those quirky essay topics required by the most highly selective colleges. (I'm lookin' at you, UChicago.)



Brainstorm, outline, and write awesome drafts for all of your supplements by the end of the course.



Take the class. Read the guide. Do the exercises. If you're not completely satisfied, I'll send you a full refund.

The Personal Statement Boot Camp takes you through the main statement. This COURSE does the rest.

What is it?

It’s a six-part online course that students and counselors have been asking me about for like three years. My goal is to provide you (or your student) the resources you need to complete not only the Common App, but also the supplemental essays that most highly selective schools require. Catch the Q&A sessions after each session where I answer important questions about the essay-writing process. You should be able to get a whole lot done.



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Whenever you'd like! All of the videos and materials are available to use at your own pace.

Where is it?

Online. Tune in from the comfort of your own anywhere.

What makes this webinar series special?

It’s the only workshop of its kind. And because I think you’ll find it:

  • inspiring: you’ll be writing right away
  • efficient: you’ll learn a lot fast
  • practical: you’ll get a step-by-step map
  • comprehensive: you won’t find this range of essays covered anywhere else

What's the difference between the Student and Counselor version?

There's a big difference between writing something awesome yourself (as a student) and helping someone else write something awesome (as a counselor.) 

Though some of the content overlaps, the counselor version is geared specifically to helping counselors with the unique struggles they face in guiding students through writing the most common supplemental essays. The student version is tailored to the unique struggles they go through when writing these essays.

    The COURSE Workbook Includes

    A Dozen Brainstorming Activities, including:

    • My Favorite Supplemental Essay Brainstorming Exercises
      • Everything I Want Colleges to Know About Me
      • The Feelings and Needs Exercise
      • The Best Extracurricular Brainstorming Exercise
      • The Elon Musk Exercise
      • The “Why us” Research Chart
    • How to Develop Your Preliminary College List
    • How to Organize All Your Essay Topics For Free
    • List of Potential “Super” Topics from Past Students
    • How to Write an Awesome Activities List
    • Activities You May Not Have Considered Including—But That Count!
    • How to Write the Additional Info Section

    Plus: 36 Sample Essays

    • (4) Great “Extracurricular” Essays
    • (2) Great Community Service Essays
    • (2) Great “Community” Essays
    • (2) Great “Intellectual Idea” Essays
    • (2) Great “Roommate” Essays
    • (2) Great “What Matters” Essays
    • (2) Great “Quotation” Essays
    • (2) Great “Create Your Own Class” Essays
    • (4) Great U of Chicago Extended Essays
    • (8) Great 150-Word Extracurricular Essays
    • (3) Great sets of short answers
    • (3) Great “How I Spent My Summer” Examples


    • College Essay Guy’s Complete Guide to the “Why us” Essay (20 pages)
    • College Essay Guy’s Epic Activities Verbs List

    Okay, I’m interested. Can I see the syllabus?

    Totally. Check it out:


    Session 1: Preliminary Sort + The Super Essay

    • Sample Application: How Doing a Thorough Job on the Brainstorming Activities Can Set You Up for a Great Application
    • A Relatively Quick and Totally Free Way to Figure Out Which of Your Essay Topics Overlap
    • The Overlapping Game (or) How Doubling--or Tripling, or Quadrupling!--Your Essays for Multiple Prompts Can Yield a “Super Essay”
    • Sample Super Essay
    • How You Can Write a Super Essay

    Session 2: The Activities & Awards List, Additional Information Section, The "Why Us" Essay

    • 5 Tips for Your Activities & Awards List
    • The Difference Between an Amazing Activities and Awards List and a Really Good One
    • Activities You May Not Have Considered Including—But That Count!
    • “Stretching the Truth” on your Activities List: A Cautionary Tale
    • How to Up-Level Your Activities and Awards List in Three Steps
    • What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Include in Your Add’l Info Section
    • How an Add’l Info Section Could Make the Difference in the Application
    • Quick Review of the Complete Guide to the "Why us" Essay
    • 3 Great "Why Us" Essays You've Never Read
    • Reviewing your "Why Us" Essays
    • Q&A: Anything you want to discuss

    Session 3: The Extracurricular Essay

    • The Difference Between a Regular and a “Super” Extracurricular Essay
    • Four Qualities of a Mediocre Extracurricular Essay
    • Four Qualities of an Amazing Extracurricular Essay
    • Eight Mistakes Students Make on Their Extracurricular Essays
    • A Three-Step Process to Help You Avoid All Those Mistakes
    • BEABIES: Are You on Board Yet or What?
    • How to Write an Amazing Narrative Extracurricular Essay: The Elon Musk Exercise
    • How to Write an Amazing Montage Extracurricular Essay: The UC Exercise
    • Zooming Back and Re-Examine the Big Picture
    • Upgrading Your Overlapping Game… Game
    • How You Can Apply This Approach to Almost Any Supplemental Essay
    • How to Write a Great "Community" Essay
    • Three Great Sample “Community” Essays

    Session 4: The Stanford, U of Chicago, Create Your Own Class and Quotation Essays

    • How to Write the Stanford “Intellectual Idea” Essay
    • Where to Find a Bazillion Intellectual Ideas
    • The One Question the “Intellectual Idea” Essay Must (Must) Answer
    • How to Write the Stanford “Roommate” Essay
    • Finding the Right Balance Between Chaos and Order in 250 Words
    • How to Write the Stanford “What Matters” Essay
    • Three Ways to Increase the Impact of Your “What Matters” Essay
    • How to Write the "Create Your Own Class" Essay
    • Four Tips for the Quotation Essay
    • Why This Essay Isn't Really About the Quote At All
    • The U Chicago Extended Essay: How to pick a topic
    • The three qualities U of Chicago is looking for IMHO

    Session 5: The 150-Word Extracurricular Essay & Short Answers

    • Six Techniques for Writing the 150-Word Extracurricular Essay
    • Three More 150-Word Extracurricular Essays I Love, and Why
    • The High-Flyer Method: How to Write a Next-Level 150-Word Extracurricular Essay If You Have a Perfect GPA, Test Scores, Ridiculous Extracurriculars and Have Nothing to Prove
    • How to Make Your Short Answers Awesome: 11 Dos and Don’ts
    • A Stanford-Worthy Set of Short Answers And What Makes Them So
    • A Creative Take on the “Where Have You Lived” Essay
    • Quick Tips for Creating a Great Video
    • How to Make Sure Your Application Is Doing Its Job

    Session 6: Ask Me Anything You Want

    • Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as:
      • Student Version:
        • How do I answer the (insert topic) essay?
        • I'm applying as an X major. How do I address that in my supplemental essays?
        • What if I'm writing about Z in my main statement. Should I also talk about it in my supplemental essays?
        • Lots of other questions.
      • Counselor Version:
        • How do I help my students with X? 
        • My student struggles with Y. What do you suggest?
        • How much help is too much help on a student's essay?
        • My student's "Why Us" essay still isn't there. What would you suggest?
        • Dozens of other questions.
    • Plus, I give feedback on a few sample essays to help you figure out how you might revise your own essay.

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