Adrian had a list of essence objects.

And he’d identified some of his core values. (Did you do these two exercises, by the way? Go back and do those if you haven't.)

How, though, could these things lead to UCLA? Or his #moonshot school of Stanford?

I told him this:

I’m going to help you pick a topic.

It should demonstrate to admissions officers what you value, what drives you, and what makes you different from thousands of other applicants.

Most importantly though: It should be abundantly clear that when you arrive on campus, you are going to make valuable contributions not only to their school, but to the world at large once you leave their campus.

Remember that values exercise you did? There’s a lot of important insight there.

After finishing the exercises above, plus 3-4 others I sent him, it was clear that Adrian had a few different possible essay topics.

So I showed him how to map out his topics over his entire application based on the value that he identified and the essence objects he had focused on.  He found not only his personal statement topic but what to write for all of his supplemental essays.

Why do I tell you this, dear reader?

Because I want to share with you what I shared with Adrian.

I’ve put together the exact process I use with students in my step-by-step video course.

It’s called How to Write a Personal Statement.

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Also, you'll find out where Adrian was accepted and be able to read his college essays and application. You know, the essays I think made the difference in his application? (That's something I don't tell every student.) 

But he nailed it.

Here’s the best part:

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What does this mean?

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