I provide free webinars throughout the year on the main personal statement, supplemental essays, and tons of other college essay related topics.  I usually give feedback directly on a few student essays and sometimes spend the whole webinar doing so.

Past webinars have included:

  • Using the Secrets of Screenwriting to Write Your Personal Statement

  • How to Find Your Topic in 20 Minutes

  • How to Make Your Essay, Like, Deep

  • How to Improve a Personal Statement in 20 Minutes

  • Five College Essay Questions Every Counselor Should Be Able to Answer

  • How to Write a “Why us” Statement

  • College Essay Guy Reviews Your Personal Statements Live

  • How to Answer the UC Personal Insight Questions


"I never knew you could learn so much from a webinar." 

-Athena, Student

"I've been trying to get down something, at least some scrap of an answer to the essay prompts for what, 3-4 months now? I'd been reading essays and researching resources since before AP exams. But, in the months between first looking through the prompts and watching your webinar series, I hadn't gotten anything down. By the end of this I not only had an essay, but I had an essay I was proud of. Something that if accidentally sent to an admissions officer months earlier than intended wouldn't leave me worried."

-Surya, Student

"You provided me with the most useful advice I've received in this entire whirlwind process of college admissions. You helped me harness all these intangible ideas in my head and put them on paper."

-Elsa, Student


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