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"Hands down the BEST essay writing book on the market."
-Amazon reader  

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Here are some questions I answer in this book:

How do I figure out what to write about?

How do I structure my essay?

Is there a step-by-step process for writing the essay?

Are any topics off-limits?

How much sharing is too much?

How do I revise my essay?

How do I make my essay not-boring?

Any tips for how to start the essay?

How do I demonstrate my intelligence?

How do I brag in a way that doesn’t sound like I’m bragging?

How to do I make my essay, like, deep?

How do I end my essay?

How do I write a great last line?

How do I make my essay amazing?

How do I know if my essay is good?

What do I do if my essay is just “okay”?

Should I share my essay? With how many people? When? 




it's the reason we got accepted since our                    
test scores weren't the besT.
  |  ★★★★★

“I'm writing to you to thank you, specifically for your book, College Essay Essentials. My twin brother and I were just accepted to Dartmouth College Class of 2022 and it wouldn't have been possible without your help. Your book revolutionized the way we both wrote and I think it's the reason we got accepted since our test scores weren't the best. Additionally, your words struck a chord within me and I want to be someone like you, who makes the essay writing portion fun and adventurous just like you did for me. I'm certain you get many emails like this and I just wanted to let you know that you changed our lives for the better.”

–anonymous emailer


this is the BEST |  ★★★★★

"I purchased 3 different college essay books and by far, this is the BEST and really provides a step by step approach for students to come up with ideas to write a college essay based on two questions - if you have faced challenges or not and if you know what you want to do for career or not. Most other books focus on the basics or what not to write and to write from your heart and make it personal - this goes in a lot more details than any other book I've come across. Definitely a great book to have as reference. "

-Mom of Two, Amazon Customer

Ethan Sawyer is the College Essay Guy  |  ★★★★★

“That kind of says it all. While he may have named himself that, he has earned the title. His passion for writing essays that is conveyed in this book, will help any student get through the somewhat stressful and daunting process with fun and ease. As a college counselor, I have used some of Ethan’s methods to help my own clients write their essays. The great thing about this book is that it brings the College Essay Guy and his methods, brainstorming exercises, structures and ideas to everyone. Ethan is inspirational and College Essay Essentials is a must have for any student (or counselor) who is looking to be inspired to write a successful college admissions essay.”

– gonzo14, Amazon Customer



Magic Bullet for College Essays  |  ★★★★★

“College Essay Essentials is a close to a "magic bullet" that students are going to find to help them produce meaningful and powerful college essays. Besides being an easy to follow, step-by-step guide, Ethan Sawyer injects the right amount of humor to make the essay writing process fun and rewarding. Following the advice in the book will not just produce thoughtful writing, but if done right, will allow the students to really get to know themselves on a deeper level. After all, the college process is as much about getting to "know thyself" as it is about getting into and going to college!” 

–C.B. McMeekan

I absolutely love this book  |  ★★★★★

"I read about 10 different books on writing essays for college applications to help prepare my son for his senior year. This book was by FAR the best. I had my son read it (the only one I had him read) and he grudgingly agreed to work through the process that Ethan lays out in the book. The step by step approach was instrumental in helping him figure out how to structure his essay and what sorts of topics might lend themselves to an effective essay. It was brief enough that he could read it, get it, and then utilize it for his essays in short order. If you are just getting started on the application process, you might really appreciate this point. I know we did.

Now that the apps are in, he is hearing back. All acceptances so far (6 schools with 8 still to go) and multiple merit financial aid awards that I attribute, at least in part, to the strength of the essay he managed to write. The process is laid out nicely for me to help him get to his deepest story, an essential piece of the essay that MUST be done in order for the essay to be effective at setting the student apart from others.” 

–JohnP387, Amazon User


An Essential Source for College Essay Writing Advice  |  ★★★★★

“Ethan Sawyer has managed to distill all the wonderful information he provides in his classes and consultations into this highly informative and entertaining book. The only thing missing is the twinkle in his eyes as he connects with his audience! I highly recommend this book to parents, students and college counseling professionals who want to help students write compelling essays as part of the college admissions process. The exercises are engaging, and the step-by-step instructions are designed to create deep and insightful essays. I have tried these tips with my students, and they work extremely well.” 

–Wendie Lubick

If there's one book you need, this is it.  |  ★★★★★

“This is THE BOOK for writing your college essay. It has everything I need, from planning my essay to specific strategies on structure and idea implementation. It's also very easy to read and formatted very neatly, with great annotation space and well-organized chapters. But what I love about this book most is its ability to help me find myself in the process - instead of churning out a formula for writing a solid essay, this book helps you dig deep into the things which are truly important to you with thought-provoking questions and brainstorm strategies. I felt like the author was sitting next to me, probing my brain and asking me questions about my life and the threads that connect the different themes in my life. If you want to write a college essay that is personal, insightful, and truly revealing, this is the book for you.”

–pinendlz, Amazon User



Written By: Ethan Sawyer

(on July 1, 2016)



Genre: Writing, Research & Publishing Guides