Welcome to the guide! 

I’m excited to be a part of your essay workshop journey.  There are six basic parts of the counselor guide, depending on how much time you have with your students:

Pre-work - A few important things to do and read before diving in. Be sure to read this.

Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3 - I’ve divided the workshop into three different lengths, depending how much time you have and how much you'd like to get done.  Before deciding what length works best, be sure to read through all of the pre-work.  (It’s important, I promise.)

Next Steps - Everything students need to know to write and revise drafts 2-50 and complete their Common Application.

More Tips for Leading Workshops - Some helpful tips for counselors for honing their workshop.

Reading through all of this should take a good bit to get through. (About 1-2 hours.) But once you're through it, you'll have saved tons of hours had you created your own essay workshop from scratch.

Finally, I recommend that you bookmark this page so it’s easy to access. Or you can click Log In at the top of my website under Log In to get back here. Have a question? Feedback? Technical difficulty? Email me at help@collegeessayguy.com

Have fun and let me know how your workshop goes!

Helpful Resources

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