210: The Being Not-Rich Guide

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This is episode two in a three-part series on paying for college. My guest for this episode is Lauren Schandevel, a 4th year Public Policy student at the University of Michigan and creator of the “Being Not-Rich” Guide--more on that shortly. On this episode we discuss:

  • Where did the inspiration for the “Being Not-Rich” Guide come from?

  • In what ways are higher ed institutions unsympathetic to the needs of low-income students, and how can this widen the gap between them and their wealthier peers?

  • What’s in the guide?

  • What’s been the impact?

  • How you can access Lauren’s guide and even

  • Tips for creating your own “Not-Rich” Guide and spread the word


[1:15] Who is Lauren Schandevel?
[3:11] What started the Being Not-Rich Guide? 
[5:21] Lauren’s backstory
[9:41] What’s in the guide?
[12:10] What has been the impact of this guide?
[15:20] What organizations were essential in spreading the word?
[16:24] Why did Lauren create this guide?
[18:45] What is Questbridge? (and Matchlighters)
[19:25] How to start your own “Not-Rich” Guide
[20:03] What Lauren wants everyone to know

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