114: Free College Application Tools That Students (and Counselors!) Should Know About


If you know me, or if you’ve listened to the podcast before you know what a resource junkie I am… the same can be said, I think, for my guest on this episode, Shaun McElroy. Shaun is the publisher of two blogs: www.internationalcounselor.org which focuses on all things college admissions and which, I do believe, is one of the oldest continuously running blog on college admission (started in 2003) and www.strengthsmining.com focuses on applying research and principles of positive psychology into practice.

And if you, dear listener, are a resource junkie like Shaun and I are, then this podcast will be like food to your soul -- -as Boyz 2 Men so beautifully put it in their 1997 hit “A Song for Mama” hashtag I love 90s R&B hashtag Nate Mike Shawn and Wan.

You’ll hear me say at the start of our conversation that Shaun is going to share “eight” free college application tools… but once we finished I went back and counted and there were more like 25.

For fun, I asked my editor Nathan to give a little [ding] every time Shaun shares a new resource.

So enjoy that.

And do enjoy this fast-paced resource extravaganza courtesy of myself… and Mr. McElroy.


Who is Shaun McElroy? [2:00]
Naviance [2:16] [4:08]
Take a Myers-Briggs personality test [5:15]
Do What You Are [5:24]
16 Personalities Myer’s Briggs Personality Test [8:06]
How Shaun uses the Myers-Briggs test in his counseling process [10:17]
Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking [12:15]
VIA Character Strengths [14:24]
The montage essay (Note: requires typing in your email to view) [18:59]
How knowing your strengths can help you pick the right school [21:08]
The Feelings & Needs Exercise [23:10]
Strengths Mining Blog [25:31]
VARK, a learning style questionnaire  [26:23]
Coggle, creating visual mind maps [28:38]
Most students will change their majors during college [29:02]
MyMajors can help you find a major [31:34]
Ethan’s article on Five Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Major In [34:10]
How The College Finder can help you develop a great college list [34:40]
College Xpress offers interesting lists of great colleges [38:50]
80 Thousand Hours [40:18]
Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance [44:48]
Mindset, self-view and self-efficacy [49:23]
Why you can’t ignore the shadow version of yourself [52:22]
Positive Intelligence, a free self-assessment where you get your list of self-saboteurs [53:22]
Meditation [57:14]
Smiling Mind, free guided meditation online and on your phone [58:42]
The Meditation Bell, join a meditation group [59:11]
The Tim Ferriss Podcast, awesome for life tips [59:51]
Shaun’s show and tells: reading literary fiction and waking up early [1:02:53]
Ethan’s: the most relaxing song ever is Marconi Union - Weightless [1:06:17]
Why Shaun does what he does [1:06:57]