212: Advice for Homeschooling Students

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This is the first of two episodes on homeschooling and self-directed learning, something that as the father of a four year-old I am way into. My guest is Becca Orlowski, a teacher and consultant with more than two decades of experience in the independent homeschooling world. On this episode we talk about: 

  • What are some common homeschooling myths? 

  • Is it true, for example, that homeschooling is “too much work” for any parent in their right minds?

  • Are colleges biased towards homeschoolers… against… neither or both?

  • What kinds of folks choose to homeschool and can parents homeschool and work? 

  • Different homeschooling styles, how homeschooling academics differ from public schools, and even nitty gritty tips like the practical differences for homeschoolers applying to college and the amount of detail homeschoolers need in their transcripts

  • As always, lots of resources and recommendations...


[1:35] Who is Becca Orlowski
[2:10] Becca or Rebecca?
[3:17] How did Becca get into homeschooling?
[4:23] Why do parents choose homeschooling?
[5:33] What are some of Rebecca’s core values in this work?
[7:07] The myth of being “too much work” for parents
[8:31] The myth of “socialization”
[12:00] The myth of college bias towards homeschoolers
[12:35] What kinds of people homeschool?
[13:25] The myth that parents can’t teach their children
[14:30] Can parents homeschool and work? 
[16:30] What are the different homeschooling styles?
[19:33] How do homeschooling academics differ from public schools?
[22:20] Some resources for homeschooling courses
[27:05] What are the practical differences for homeschoolers applying to college?
[37:04] How much detail do homeschoolers need in their transcripts?
41:10] Some more of Becca’s favorite resources

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