116: Who is Tutor Ted? (and Resources for Brainstorming a Personal Statement)


Ted Dorsey, aka Tutor Ted, scored perfectly on the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. Oh, and on the SAT Subject Tests in Literature and Math Level 2. A graduate of Princeton and UCLA, Ted founded the test prep company Tutor Ted to help students around the world prepare for their college entrance tests. He and his team have authored five test prep books, including "Tutor Ted’s Guide to the ACT" and "Tutor Ted’s ACT Practice Tests." In 2017, Tutor Ted launched an online ACT prep course at learn.tutorted.com. Tutor Ted’s mission is to provide high quality, non-boring ACT and SAT prep to every student.


Who is Ted Dorsey? [:38]
Ethan walks Ted through three essay writing exercises [3:47]
Ethan plays the “I Love” Game [4:47]
Ted plays the “I Love” Game [6:19]
Ethan plays the second exercise: “If you really knew me” [7:51]
Then it’s Ted’s turn. [9:53]
The third exercise: Ethan plays the Essence Objects [14:21]
Ted describes his own essence objects [15:47]
Ted tells a story about one of his past students [18:20]
The fourth exercise: Values Exercise [21:19]
Ted’s top core values [22:50]
How creativity has been manifesting in Ted’s life [23:39]
Number five: the Challenges exercise [26:35]
Ted talks about the biggest challenges he faced and how they impacted him [26:45]
The feelings Ted felt along with these challenges [29:05]
What unmet needs went along with these feelings and how he met them [30:58]
What Ted learned from these challenges [35:45]
How Ted’s past challenges connect to his future road trip [36:54]