117: How to Improve Your ACT Score By 2 Points in 20 Minutes

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Typically my job is to take some of the most awesome and rad people in the college admissions world (I’m not sure if there is a difference, but I’m sure there is), analyze their genius, and break it down for you into practical and actionable steps whether you’re applying to college yourself or helping someone else apply. But this time, I’ve handed the reins over to my guest Ted Dorsey (AKA Tutor Ted), who has scored perfectly on the SAT, ACT, and PSAT, and let him do the podcast, where he’s going to offer up clear steps to improving your ACT score--in less time than it takes to bake a potato. He’ll dish up tips on how to use your calculator during the ACT, the importance of math vocabulary, why you need to be selective in your focus in the science section, and why writing a lot for the writing test can help. Even more tips to come! Stay tuned.


The difference between short-term and long-term strategies [1:50]
A free course at TutorTed.com [3:24]
The #1 tip for narrowing down answer choices on the English section [3:49]
How commas can tip you off to the correct answer choice [4:20]
How underlining the most important part of the question can help [5:12]
Take advantage of programs on your calculator [6:37]
The power of math vocabulary [7:31]
When given a complex formula questions, plug into the numbers into the appropriate spots [8:50]
The most important mnemonic to know on the math section [10:09]
Sacrifice quality for speed on the Reading Comprehension section [10:38]
Being energized will increase your speed: use caffeine if you are already used to it; don’t if your aren’t [12:39]
Be selective in your focus in the science section [13:50]
Two things you should definitely know when tackling the ACT Science[16:58]
Sign up for the writing test [17:23]
Why you should write a lot for the writing test [18:24]
How students generally get really high scores on the writing section [19:58]
Spend your first few minutes planning your essay [21:00]